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Students Academic Advisory Board

Students Academic Advisory Board

The academic advisory board is an academic guidance committee   formed by the dean of the medical college to discuss and solve the student’s problems and follow-up their educational attainment. The decisions and recommendations will be forwards to the vice dean of the academic affairs 

    The committee shall consist of seven to eleven members headed by one of them selected by the dean of medical college. All the committee members required to be faculty staff. For each academic year, there is an advisor from those faculty. 

Committee tasks:

* Provide counseling and advice services to the medical students.

* Follow up of students who could not be done on college level.

* Follow up of students medical and social conditions and solve any difficulties that face them.

* Handling students’ absence from the college and the missing of exams and forward the recommendations to the vice dean for academic affairs.


* Provide counseling services in the faculty of medicine through (Assessment, Planning, Support and Management).

* Conduct some aspects of counseling (Psychological, Social, and Preventive counseling).

* Implementation of public programs relating to guidance.

Student Guidance and counselling centre at King Saud University:

It is a phone service that allows students to set renewable services through the phone at any time. This service enables the university students to get high-level guidance services in secret, safe and access to comprehensive services by a dedicated team and advanced skills in the field of academic, psychological, financial and social services.

Telephone service: (920 022 535)


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