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Vice dean of postgraduate and research


Responsible for faculty and scientific research staff members at the college.


Contribute to create the Faculty of Medicine a competitive environment for medical education that contributes in achieving sustainable development goals.


The vice deanship seeks to achieve the Faculty of Medicine mission to prepare faculty members with professional competence, create a supportive environment for scientific research and graduate studies and to strengthen community partnership and quality standards.


  1. Attract and support faculty members.
  2. Spread scientific research culture between faculty members and students and increase research production quantitatively and qualitatively.
  3. Prepare the necessary infrastructure to recognize the college as a training center for graduate programs and medical fellowships.
  4. Establish and promote international cooperation relations with the international universities to share experiences and services.
  5. Cooperate with international associations and organizations to support the College interests.
  6. Act as the concerned authority to negotiate international contracts and agreements concluded by the University.
  7. Represent the college and the university in international activities and forums.
  8. Cooperate with other faculties and departments at King Saud University and Medical City regarding international affairs and business.
  9. Create and maintain a database and issue periodic statements to inform the community about the international activities.


  1. Attract distinguished teaching assistants, lecturers and scholarship students.
  2. Support teaching assistants, lecturers and scholarship students and ensure their excellence.
  3. Organize teaching assistants and lecturers work in the college and the hospital until their scholarship.
  4. Help doctors to join research programs, residency programs and international fellowships.
  5. Organize teaching assistants and lecturers' scholarship and confirm the approved programs.
  6. Follow-up teaching assistants and lecturers progress during their scholarship and report accordingly in coordination with the departments.
  7. Provide moral and psychological support and counseling teaching assistants and lecturers during all stages.
  8. Coordinate with the vice Deanship for Graduate Studies regarding the teaching assistants and lecturers' scholarship conditions and mechanisms and their financial and job rights.
  9. Spread the culture of scientific research among faculty members and students.
  10. Increase research output and assure quality.
  11. Identify and support research priorities.
  12. Establish periodic research activities.
  13. Focus on faculty members and students training to improve the research and its quality.
  14. Hiring a distinguished teaching staff members as needed.
  15. Attract distinguished Saudi faculty members according to the department's needs.
  16. Support and train faculty members to ensure their academic, scientific, administrative and research excellence.
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