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About Us

About the Department:

Dermatology was part of Medicine Department as a unit until it became an independent department in 1417 AH. The Department of Dermatology is one of the leading hospital department in KSUMC. Ever since then, with the continuous unlimited support of the government, the University administration, and the Faculty of Medicine, the department was able to provide excellent educational services for the undergraduate and postgraduate levels and highest quality of care to patients. The department is distinguished by its highly specialized and expert team.

The future vision of the Dermatology Department is that it aims to be one of the most efficient departments in the field of medical and therapeutic education specialized in dermatology not only at the local level, but also in all regions of the Kingdom with high level of scientific and practical training and highly-equipped with the latest medical devices to serve patients in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


To be a pioneer distinguished in delivering patient care services and medical education at the national level, and becoming a research leader as well as being medical, scientific and educational reference at the international level.


The Department seeks to provide a distinguished academic program and prepare researchers and faculty members at a high level of competence and excellence and provide specialized medical services that reflect the outstanding level of the Faculty of Medicine and King Khalid University Hospital.

Department Objectives:

The department, through its human, academic, medical and research expertise, aims to carry out the tasks entrusted to it, including:

  1. Preparing students with strong scientific and practical experiences at the highest levels.
  2. Developing scientific curricula for students to be in line with their global counterparts.
  3. Providing distinguished diagnostic services to patients.
  4. Contributing to enrich scientific knowledge through the conduct of scientific research.
  5. Providing accurate and up-to-date information and studies to the medical and educational staff in the department.
  6. Contributing to the rehabilitation of national cadres through postgraduate students.
  7. Providing medical, educational and research consultations for all medical centers within the Kingdom.
  8. Establishing scientific conferences related to the department's tasks.
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