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عن الكلية

About College:

College of Medicine at King Saud University in Riyadh opened a section for female students for the first time in 1394 AH (1974 AD), thus achieving a qualitative leap in the level of female education in Saudi Arabia in general and on the medical and health level in particular.

In 1435 AH, the students moved to the new college building at the University’s Female Students Campus, with its modern educational potential, laboratories, and research facilities that conform to the highest international standards. This is in turn an integral step in the process of preparing qualified Saudi women cadres capable of meeting the health needs of our community on one hand, and to compete locally and globally in the scientific and research fields on the other hand in a smart and pioneering educational environment.



To lead the way in medical education and healthcare, to have a significant impact on promoting community health and to contribute effectively to medical sciences and practices around the world.



  • Educate and train health professionals through an innovative learning environment.
  • Discover new scientific research areas and make important scientific contributions to the world.
  • Providing high quality medical services to Saudi community.
  • Integrate both education, research, and medical services in a comprehensive environment.


  1. Innovation and creativity
  2. Credibility
  3. Superiority
  4. Responsibility
  5. Teamwork
  6. Continuous education


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