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•  Since late 1977 began the research center at the College of Medicine at King Saud University in contributing to the understanding of the health problems suffered by the community through the promotion and coordination of research programs in the College of Medicine.
• The number of research provided to the center and was financially supported by 742 Search exceeded their budgets for 15 million riyals in the last thirty years.
• The support and the publication of several medical research and published in the scientific and medical vessels approved by ISI papers in the past four years now budgets are estimated at more than three million riyals and numbered 179.
•  The role of the Center research on epidemiology and science problems closely related to the field of medicine and health care
• The center has five units are working united as follows: Unit secretarial, finance, procurement, unit medical information search the medical literature, and unit assistants, researchers, and finally unit Labs Faculty of Medicine Research Center.

Since late 1977 the college of medicine and research center (cmrc) of the king Saud University has been contributing towards the understanding of the medical and health problems of our community by encouraging facilitating and  coordinating research programs in the college.


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