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About Us

About the department

Emergency Medicine is concerned with educating and training of resident and health faculties' bachelor students, providing continuing medical education courses and conducting qualitative scientific research, as well as supporting the workforce program. We provide high quality care to patients with a high level of efficiency and optimum use of the department and KSUMC resources. The department contains 64 beds in KSUMC, which are distributed as follows:

Adult Emergency Unit at King Khalid University Hospital:

Case Sorting Area:

The sorting area contains 6 beds. The department receives patients through the reception desk so patients with critical conditions are admitted to the recovery area immediately. Patient registration procedures are then completed after admission. Severe stable cases initially examined in the reception area and then the rest of the registration procedure is completed.

Recovery area:

A unit contains 9 beds and equipped with the latest medical devices required for recovery and treatment.

Severe cases area:

A unit contains 19 beds where patients with middle class medical and surgical conditions are admitted. There is a special room for treating accident injuries.

Insulation area:

Contains 2 rooms with the highest specifications.

OBGYN area:

Contains 4 beds.

University staff area:

Contains 4 beds.

Pediatric unit:

Contain 19 beds for critical cases.

Emergency Services Unit:

Receives critical cases coming by ambulance or private cars, responds to emergency cases within King Saud University and in staff housing. The unit contains 9 ambulances.

Emergency Quality Development Committee:

Emergency Department applies the standards of the Canadian Accreditation and the National Accreditation through monitoring performance indicators and performance statistics and submit it periodically to the department head in order to develop performance plans and provide high quality standards of medical care to patients.  The quality team is committed to the department's philosophy of improving the quality and establishing annual improvement goals in an effort to achieve the best results for the patient.

Last updated on : January 12, 2023 3:19am