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About the Unite

About the Unite :-

The College of Medicine at King Saud University (KSU), established in 1967-1387, is the first Medical College in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Ever since, the college is proudly providing superior doctors who participate in the civilized construction of the country and serve humanity both nationally and internationally.  It is important to note that as the College of Medicine at KSU fosters great efforts and genuine care in its faculty and enrolled students, it also productively invests in the relationship with medical graduates. Therefore, the College of Medicine at KSU is honored to serve and joins with its medical graduates via its Alumni Unit which ensures a constant and productive communication with alumni.

The Alumni Unit at the College of Medicine provides different activities in which graduates can keep a vibrant link with the college including its updates news as well as the educational, administrative, and clinical progress and developments. Alumni are invited to participate in various college activities such as seminars, conferences, discussion panels, and social gatherings which are all designed present genuine opportunities for alumni to provide students and faculty with their experience and knowledge.  These opportunities are essential to form social learning prospects and also make research and clinical collaborations. The alumni unit also assists students and interested faculty to connect with alumni in positions that can provide training openings as well as potential employment chances. 


                    Professional and social communication with male and female graduates of the College of Medicine at King Saud University.


                    Reinforce the link and support the communication with male and female medical graduates to help in the progress and development of the College of Medicine at King Saud University


  1. Support the relationship with alumni to facilitate professional collaborations with the College of Medicine to benefit from their experience and knowledge providing mutual knowledge transfer channels in various arenas including medical education, training, supervising and counseling in order to create efficient skills suited for the work environment and market.
  2. Inform the alumni about the academic and research progress of the College of Medicine orienting them with the academic news taking place inside the college as well as the university in general.
  3. Constant communication with alumni including those at employers’ positions to facilitate employment and training opportunities for medical students.
  4. Provide alumni with periodical alumni newsletter
  5. Organize alumni participations at the college events such as conferences, seminars, workshops, discussion panels and other related activities.  
  6. Collect and analyze data from alumni pertaining to curriculum development and employment opportunities.
  7. Identify obstacles faced by students after graduation and at workplaces.
  8. Construct prospective studies identifying percentage of graduates employed and percentage seeking stable employment and provide information when needed. 
  9. Obtain updated information from alumni representing their field of work and study to help develop academic curriculum and training at the College of Medicine.  
  10. Include both alumni and students in the selection and design of the unit activities
  11. Allow alumni to represent the university at appropriate events via the alumni unit.


  1. Construct an electronic data base of alumni at the alumni unit page at the college website.
  2. Benefit from the alumni knowledge and experience via organizing academic and social events creating communicative environments among students, faculty, and alumni.
  3. Keep productive communication with alumni especially those at leader positions in order o provide opportunities for training, employment, and research.
  4. Enhance performance levels via measuring satisfaction level among alumni.
  5. Prepare annual and semiannual alumni unit activities reports.
  6. Connect with the alumni center at the university to exchange information
  7. Participate in the alumni activities at the university
Last updated on : January 12, 2023 3:19am