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Vice dean for Academic Affairs

Faculty of Medicine Deanship for Academic Affairs


It is in the second level of the college organizational structure under the supervision of the Faculty of Medicine Dean and supervised directly by the Academic Affairs Dean. The deanship seeks to raise the educational process in college according to the study and exams regulations of the university.


Improve the educational process, raise the outputs level and develop the academic work in accordance with the vision of the university to compete global colleges.


Educate and develop ideal physicians to practice health care based on the patient needs, explore and develop health care sciences by encouraging students to research and respond to the community health needs.

Contribute to support hospitals with distinguished medical staff through developing the academic curriculum continuously and provide practical development for students in local and international training centers.


  1. Work on raising the educational process in accordance with the latest international medical standards.
  2. Review the academic curriculum periodically.
  3. Provide students the opportunity to achieve scientific achievement that is compatible with the medical development in the Kingdom's hospitals.
  4. Raise students' level academically and medically in line with Islamic law by introducing courses of Islamic culture.
  5. Use international medical expertise to benefit from their experience and develop the student level.
  6. Encourage students to participate in medical research in international forums.


  1. Provide new students with advice and guidance.
  2. Issue faculty ID cards and health examination.
  3. Coordinate classrooms for the academic year.
  4. Maintenance of classrooms equipment to avoid any breakdowns that may affect the progress of the educational process.
  5. Review student lists and distribute it to the sections.
  6. Help students with courses registration and solve any courses conflicts.
  7. Delete and add courses.
  8. Communicate with departments to identify and confirm the course coordinators lists.
  9. Facilitate communication between students and courses coordinators.
  10. Issue circulars received from the Departments Deanship.
  11. Follow up result entry with course coordinators.
  12.  Academic follow-up with students.
  13. Solve courses delay.
  14. Solve absence, medical and social excuses.
  15. Coordinate with deanship regarding students with DN.
  16. Medical follow-up with students' health, psychological and social issues.
  17. Study course or semester postpone with the student and provide him with necessary assistance.
  18. Receive internal and external conferences applications.
  19. Get the dean's approval for attending conferences and travel costs coverage.
  20. Provide financial and advisory assistance to students participating in research.
  21. Organize student's events and workshops to assist them in the research process.
  22. Prepare workshops for faculty members to publish the international standards for exams questions.
  23. Coordinate with the departments to prepare for the exams and prepare exams invigilator.
  24. Review exams with departments before announcing results.
  25. Receive intern students' lists from Admission and Registration Deanship.
  26. Hold workshops and lectures for intern students before.
  27. Coordinate with Employee Affairs Department to finalize the contracting procedures.
  28. Distribute students to groups and appoint a group leader to facilitate procedures and the ensure commitment to training program.
  29. Finalize card issuance and health system.
  30. Communicate with the medical authorities recognized by the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties to train students.
  31. Cooperate with various medical colleges in Saudi Arabia to receive students for training under the supervision of the Faculty of Medicine, King Saud University.
  32. Communicate with international universities by certifying and sending graduates' documents.
  33. Respond to the external authorities inquiries regarding periods of absence or repetition during student study.
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