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Scientific Research

Researches conducted in the universities are to enrich science and knowledge in different specialties. Also, for many other goals, some are:


(A) Highlighting the Islamic curriculum and its achievements in the history of civilization and different sciences.

(B) Collecting Arab and Islamic heritage, taking care of it, indexing it and making it available to researchers.

(C) Providing scientific advice and developing scientific and practical solutions to the problems facing society through research.

(D) Transferring modern technology and participating in developing it to serve the development process.

(E) Linking scientific research with the university’s goals and development plans, avoiding duplication and repetition and getting benefit from previous studies.

(F) Developing a generation of distinguished Saudi researchers and training them to conduct high-level researches by involving students, higher education students, teaching assistants, teaching staff and research assistants in the implementation of scientific research.

(G) Ambition to reach advanced position in world universities ranking.


You can view the department's achievements in scientific research through the attachments at the end of the page.


Important links:


1- Website of the Deanship of Scientific Research at King Saud University.

2- International database:

  • ISI

3- Educational videos about the web of science database:

4- Useful website for researchers:

  • SJR: Scientific Journal Ranking.
  • List of Hijacked Journals.
  • List of recommended scientific journals and conferences.

5- Websites that help you write research papers and theses:

  • King Salman Central library.
  • Scripts.
  • Scientific Societies.

6- Important programs in writing references, citations and documentation:

  • EndNote.
  • Mendeley.
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