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Vice dean for Quality and development

About the Vice-Deanship

The College of Medicine Vice-Deanship for Development and Quality is concerned with the planning, management and supervision of the development and quality processes and applications. Moreover, it is responsible for the achievement of academic accreditation and assessment standards for academic education in academic departments, control of the quality system in the administrative work within the college and enhancement of performance in all aspects as well as the promotion of quality culture.

Furthermore, the Vice-Deanship seeks to develop the College of Medicine program, focus on learning outcomes and measure them in addition to developing key performance indicators to realize the vision of the college and achieve excellence and advancement in medical education, scientific research and community partnership.


To have a leading role in the improvement of educational processes and the development of academic and administrative performance in the Kingdom.


To implement quality assurance and continuous improvement systems and activate them to contribute toward realization of the mission of the college and its strategic objectives in accordance with the latest standards of educational institutions through effective participation with college staff and stakeholders.


  • Promote quality culture across the college.
  • Confirm commitment of the college staff to work towards the success of its quality improvement plans.
  • Enhance and improve efficiency of the college and increase its academic and administrative productivity.
  • Partner with its scientific institutions counterparts to conduct research on the development of quality standards and practices.
  • Work on enhancing efficiency of the college quality system.
Last updated on : January 12, 2023 3:19am