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Rules of Admission & Transfer

Rules of Admission & Transfer

All students to enroll in the Medical program at King Saud University must be accepted first in the unified program for health science. This is a one year program that all students wanting to enroll in any of the following four colleges must study (Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Applied Medical sciences). The criteria for acceptance in the unified program changes from years to years.

The acceptance is based on the following:

  • Grade in the capabilities exam (30%)
  • Grade in the accumulative exam (40%)
  • Grade in high schools (30%)
  • Grade in the interview

All application and acceptance is handled electronically. You will receive an email or an SMS with the results. According to the university council ruling issued in 27/03/1427H:

  • All eligible students will be accepted in the unified program of the Health Facilities without specification of the faculty they will belong to.  All students fulfilling the curriculum of the program will be directed to one of the four Health faculties (Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Applied Medical Sciences) according to their desire and according to their cumulative average and the capacity of the desired faculty.
  • The program is supervised by a committee formed of the vice deans of academic affairs of the four health facilities and head by the dean of Acceptance and Registration Affairs.
  • According to the College of Medicine Councils decision (28/03/1427H), the College of Medicine mandates the passage of the medical examination after passing the Unified Program evaluation to be accepted in the College of Medicine.

Transfer from inside of the University

According to the College of Medicine Councils decision (27/03/1427H), the College of Medicine will not accept any transfer to the first year of medical school from inside the University due to the limited capacity.

Transfer from outside of the University

  • The students has to be registered in and accredited school of medicine.
  • The student has to have finished at least two academic years with a cumulative average not less than 4.00 of 5.00 in any given semester or academic year.
  • The number of the educational units which the student is asked to fulfil in the school of medicine is not less than 60% of the requirement for graduation.
  • The student should pass an interview and a medical examination.
  • The students should submit the transfer request during the defined period.
  • The students must fulfil the terms of transfer of the other University he is transferring from.
  • The acceptance of transfer is subject to the availability of seats.

Transfer Regulations

The study system in the college of medicine is annual; therefore the transfer must take place at the end of the academic year in accordance with the terms and regulation of study and exams in addition to those who are nominated to transfer from the college of medicine as per the Transfer committee recommendations.