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Hematopathology & Blood Transfusion


Haematopathology & Blood Transfusion Residency Program


The Departments of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine at King Khalid University Hospital, King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Centre, Prince Sultan Medical Military City (RKH) and King Abdulaziz Medical City for National Guard have initiated a joint collaborative postgraduate training program in Pathology in 1407.  The four institutions have agreed to offer a high quality postgraduate education for residents.  The resources available in these four institutions with regard to staff, equipments and specimens will be utilized for the training program.   King Fahad Medical City has joined in the list of training hospitals on October, 2011.  The King Saud University Fellowship in Haematopathology & Blood Transfusion program is intended to provide well trained Specialized Haematologist for the large number of medical laboratories in hospitals and clinics throughout the Kingdom.  A committee with representatives from Haematopathology from training hospitals will supervise the overall implementation of the program.  The training program is structured to provide a good balance of the technical and theoretical aspects of haematopathology and Blood Transfusion and the interpretative skills, investigation and management inherent in the modern practice of laboratory medicine. The program has an objective of training residents that can cope with international standards.  The degree that a resident will obtain is equivalent to the MRCPath (UK) and FRCPA (Australasia) and this program is recognized by both of these Royal Colleges.

Admission Requirements: The applicant has to submit all the requirement of the postgraduate medical education.

  • Filling up the Application Form available at Residency office.
  • Curriculum Vitae (C.V.)
  • Transcript of records (copy)
  • SLE copy
  • 3 letters of recommendations.
  • Letter of no objection from the sponsor
  • MBBS & Internship copy
  • Saudi ID/Passport or Iqama for Non-Saudi (Copy)
  • 3 pictures (Passport size) (Not applicable for female)


Duration of Training:

The Haematopathology & Blood Transfusion KSU Fellowship program requires a period of five years full time training, most of it will be undertaken locally.


Acceptance of residents:

3-5 residents will be accepted every year.  The acceptance number could be increased or decreased dependent on the requirements of the program.  Stand by 3-5


Dates of examinations at all levels of training will be during the month of September each year. The resident has to score a total of 70% of marks to qualify the exam.


The resident will be evaluated after 3 months of his/her rotation by the supervising consultant/team.

Aims and Objectives/Goals:- The primary objective of training in Haematopathology and Blood Transfusion services are to acquire and refine skills that enable the trainee to function as a competent consultant, i.e. interpret submitted material as accurately as possible, utilizing when appropriate, ancillary studies and to convey his / her opinions in a clear and concise manner.


Residents' Responsibilities

  • Candidates from the beginning of the first year of the program will be assigned to Haematopathology Course of training.  They will also attend the Half-day activity course from the beginning of the program.
  • At all-time the candidate will be under the supervision of a qualified Haematopathologists.  Regular supervisor’s report will be provided to the Director of the program by end of each rotation.
  • Candidates will rotate between the laboratories of the participating institutions according to schedules worked out by the Fellowship Training Committee.
  • The senior residents will be involved in the training of other residents, physicians and allied health professionals.
  • During the training, residents will be required to present cases, seminars and share in the all the activities pertaining to various fields in Haematopathology and Blood Transfusion.


Certification:- Upon successful completion of the program that requires a period of 5 years full time postgraduate training and education will be awarded a certificate “King Saud University Fellowship in Haematopathology & Blood Transfusion).( (زمالة جامعة الملك سعود في علم أمراض الدم و نقل الدم.

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