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Pediatric Neurology

Pediatric Neurology Fellowship Program



I. Introduction:

Pediatric neurology is one of the important, rare and demanding subspecialty, the need in the country for this specialty is very huge. In addition, there is a shortage of health care workers who are equipped with the skills and attributes necessary to meet the needs of children with neurological diseases. To meet this need this Pediatric Neurology Fellowship Program is developed. It is designed to provide pediatricians with clinical and skills essential in the care of children affected with neurological disorders.


Goal and Objectives:


On completion of the training program, the candidate will be sufficiently competent to function at consultant level in Pediatric Neurology and able to manage all pediatric neurological diseases with good understanding of the related cultural and socio-economical factors.


Admission Criteria:

In order to be admitted to the program, the candidate should:

1. Only candidates who are certified by the Saudi board of pediatrics or equivalent certificates that are recognized by the Saudi Council for Health Specialties will be admitted to the fellowship program

2. Pass the interview conducted by the selection committee.

3. Provide a written permission from the sponsoring institution of the candidates allowing him/her to participate in the training program as a full time for the entire period (36 months) of the program.


Program Outline:

The duration of the program will be 36 months of full time teaching/training in pediatric neurology. The program will consist of rotation in clinical pediatric neurology, short rotation in clinical adult neurology, clinical neurophysiology, neuropathology, neuroradiology, neuroophthalmology and child psychiatry. The candidate is expected to participate in:


Neurology clubs and radiology rounds:

Research projects and presentations at regional and national scientific meetings and/or publication in journals



Participating sites: all rotation will be at KKUH except unavailable

Clinical discussion, rounds and conferences

Clinical postgraduate teaching seminars services:

1. King Faisal Specialist Hospital (Neurophysiology department)

2. King Fahad Medical City


Structure of the program:

  • The candidate has to complete the mandatory rotation as follow:

Clinical pediatric neurology (inpatient, outpatient and consultation service) 20 months

Clinical adult neurology (inpatient, outpatient and consultation service) 3 months

Neurophysiology rotation 3 months

Neuro-radiology rotation 1 month

Neuro-ophthalmology rotation 1 month

Neuro-pathology rotation 1 month

Child psychiatry rotation 1 month

Elective rotations (may include neuro-metabolic, genetics, neuro-rehabilitation, psychology, epilepsy or neuromuscular) 3 months

  • Collection and analysis of research data to be submitted for
  • The capacity of the program is one Fellow per two Consultant Pediatric Neurologist
  • On-call activities: 24 hours on call will be from home as a first On-call Pediatric Neurology.


Certification and Title:: King Saud University Fellowship In Pediatric Neurology

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