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Pulmonology Fellowship Program




In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, medical services are flourishing and there is a great need for skilled pulmonologist in any general hospital. Furthermore frequent requests for establishing a postgraduate training fellowship in the field of pulmonary medicine has come from different sources including potential candidates.

The pulmonology division, Department of Medicine, King Saud University Hospital having an active service including: All diagnostic procedures, pulmonary functions, laboratory, sleep studies, and excellent radiologist support as well as a medical intensive care unit will be capable of running such program.


The Objectives of the Program:

The objectives of the 2 years fellowship Program in Pulmonology is to provide the candidates with a learning experience which will be competent in the disciplines of clinical Pulmonology with special skills in the diagnosis and management of adult respiratory disorders at consultant level, contra-indications and toxicity.



Clinical Training:

  1. Summary of Pulmonology Teaching Clinical Program will be as follows:

10 month: Bedside patient management


3 weekly clinics

10 month: Referrals

Pulmonary Function Lab


4 months: Intensive Care Unit


24 months


Rotation between one area and another will be affected every 2 months in most cases.


The candidate will go through the following services:

  1. The wards: the candidate will take the responsibility of Management of all admitted pulmonary patients under the supervision of the consultant.
  2. The bronchoscopy unit training on pre-procedure, procedure and post-procedure skills are provided. Minimum of 50 bronchoscopies are needed.
  3. The pulmonary function laboratory: the trainee will have a chance to learn.
    • contraindication
    • different methods
    • interpretation of the results
    • operation of equipment                                                                                                                                                 
  4. Intensive Care Unit: The candidate will be exposed to management of severely ill patients. Various Invasive procedure will be learnt here.
  5. Referral: From other services in King Khalid University Hospital will be seen and assessed by the candidate under the direct supervision of the consultant.
  6. Clinics: A weekly schedule will be provided.



The Fellowship is for two years.


Admission Requirements:

  1. A basic medical qualification such as the MBBS or equivalent degree acceptable the King Saud University.
  2. Successful completion of the internship.
  3. Passing a general internal medicine examination e.g. King Saud Fellowship or Arab Board or MRCP or an acceptable equivalent.
  4. Passing a personal interview and selection examination according to the rules and regulation of the King Saud Fellowship Programs.
  5. Provision by the candidate of release letter from his/her sponsor for the whole duration of the program.


Upon successful completion of the final examination, the candidate will be awarded KSU Fellowship in Pulmonology.

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