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General & Minimally Invasive Surgery

Minimally Invasive General Surgery (MIGS)

Fellowship Program




                King Khalid University Hospital (KKUH), is a major tertiary care referral institution in the kingdom and the region, and provides advancement in medical postgraduate education: Outstanding teaching facilities, with the latest in medical equipment and current technological expertise support the training programs for physician. Also, with the increase in the quality of medical service, technology, and sub-specialization, the need for laparoscopic general surgeon is growing.  Academic and training Affairs at KKUH is continually committed to the development and maintenance of quality training programs responsive to the needs of the hospital and the kingdom.

                The aim of the MIGS fellowship program is to provide a well-qualified trained laparoscopic general surgeon, who will be able to look after and do patients with surgical problems, involve in research projects, doing Endoscopy procedures, gathering Radiology specific finding and dealing with very sick surgical patients in intensive care unit. The fellow will gain the required expertise in all of these fields by spending enough time in this well-equipped center to allow him/her to develop appropriate in the period suggested.

Objectives of the Program:

  1. To acquire all of the required knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to practice and teach laparoscopic general surgery (MIGS) and to participate in the progress of MIGS through research and publication.
  2. To acquire the theoretical and practical knowledge necessary to succeed in any of the certifying examinations, after the successful completion of training.
  3. The candidate can practice general surgery in addition to laparoscopic surgery provided, he/she fulfils the following requirements for that: Degree, License, and Privilege.


Application Requirements:

  1. The applicant has to submit all the requirements of the Postgraduate Medical Education (CV, Application form, copy of all certificates,..)
  2. The applicant must have completed residency training (board eligible or certified within 3 years) in General Surgery accredited by KSU and the Saudi Council for health Specialties within 3 years of certification.
  3. Basic qualification such as MBBS or equivalent degree acceptable by King Saud Unoversity.
  4. Passing successfully the admission examination (interview)
  5. A sponsorship

*One fellow will be selected every 2 years (depending on the requirement)


Duration and Location:

The laparoscopic general surgery program is a two-year program; the fellow will spend the following length of time in each are:

  1. Laparoscopic General Surgery ( 18 months)
  2. Research and Education (3 months)
  3. Endoscopy and radiology (1month/each)
  4. Elective Rotation (1month)


Location: The whole training will take place ate the KKUH


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