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Facial Plastic Surgery


 King Saud University Fellowship in Facial Plastic Surgery sub-specialty


The decision in obtaining a postgraduate/specialty training fellowship is the most important and career oriented one. A fellowship at which brings your dream at highly specialized, unique among your peers and give you the utmost confident in performing certain surgical procedures at high level in shorter period of time
Through the years, the King Saud University which is situated in the heart of Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia played a major role and served as an instrument of this quest since it is credited as the largest and the best government medical institution in the region which is known to have the facilities and the experience in offering a fellowship in many fields of specialties that caters not only the Saudi Nationals but also in other parts of the Arab speaking countries.
The otolaryngology and head and neck (ORL H & N) at King Saud University is unique having the prestige and qualities at being the center of excellence of practicing and providing major otolaryngology and head and neck surgery, accordingly it’s facial plastic fellowship in its postgraduate and/or continuing medical education program.


The objective of the 2-year Facial plastic Fellowship is to provide an up to date and highly specialized graduate in the field of basic and fundamental aspects of Facial Plastic.
At the end of his training, the fellow will be capable at taking surgical tasks at difficult level in an excellent manner. He as well has the basic knowledge to prepare for his clinical and research paper, has the opportunity for advanced training in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery has to learn how to set up a well ran and successful facial plastic surgery practice and has to gain exposure to the academic responsibilities expected of a fellow trained in the field of facial plastic fellowship.


The training includes didactic sessions, clinical care, research opportunities and medical and surgical experiences.
All aspect of facial plastic training is covered, with special emphasis on facial and cosmetic of face.
1. Full exposure to all aspect of diagnosis, medical and surgical care of facial deformity, trauma so that at the completion of the fellowship, the fellow will be well-qualified and a safe surgeon in the field of facial plastic (e.g. scar revision, closed and open septorhinoplasty procedure) and its disorders as well as be well versed in the basic science knowledge underlying diagnosis and management.
2. Delineate updates in medical and surgical option for management of different facial-plastic disorders (Rhinoplasty, etc.)
3. Learn the methodology and interpretation of facial plastic studies.
4. Expose to advanced facial plastic procedures.
5. Undertake and complete a minimum of 1 clinical research project during the fellowship program to be agreed upon with the mentor at the start of the fellowship. The research topic will be presented/published at national or international otolaryngology / facial plastic meeting or journals. However, we recommend to do more than 1 research projects and this will be supported by the staff as well.
6. Actively involvement in the teaching and academic development of King Saud University Hospitals.

Prof. Ahmed Al Arfaj
Professor / Consultant
College of Medicine, King Saud University
Program Director, KSUF in Facial Plastic Surgery sub-specialty

ORL Department
King Abdulaziz University Hospital
Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Mobile No. : +966550331155
Tel. #+966-1-4775735
Antonieta P. Adiova –“Tonet”
Medical Admin Coordinator 1
Mobile No. +966507160575
ORL Department
King Abdulaziz University Hospital
Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Mobile No. : +966556002072
Tel. #+966-1-4775735;

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