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Cornea, External Eye Diseases & Refractive Surgery

  Cornea, External Eye Disease & Refractive Surgery Fellowship Program 



Introduction and Importance:

The Department of Ophthalmology is one the of the pioneers in the field of postgraduate studies at King Saud University. The King Saud University Fellowship in Ophthalmology was established in 1984 which was the first approved fellowship at the level of college of medicine in Riyadh as well as in the Middle East region.

Since then and until now, the program has contributed significantly in raising the standard of medical care for eye patients. It has graduated more than 200 opthalmo0logists at a high level of efficiency and skills. The fellowship provided great opportunities for graduates of medical school to go through structured training program that can equal the best training program worldwide.

One of the University’s objectives is to develop new postgraduate programs and its vision is to raise standard of medical care delivered to our society as well as to provide opportunities for ophthalmology graduates. To realize these objectives and vision, the Department of Ophthalmology whose interest is also to continue excellence and development of new programs, have decided to establish the King Saud University Subspecialty fellowship in Cornea, External, Eye Diseases and Refractive Surgery. Since the diseases of the cornea and external eye and refractive surgery have high prevalence in the society, we believe that establishing such program with high standard will give the chance for ophthalmologists in KSA and Middle East region to go through structured and certified subspecialty training using the outstanding facilities available at King Abdul Aziz University Hospital and King Khalid University Hospital.

So that is the specialized program gives college degree in this specialization which is in line with the methodology of department Development programs with distinctive quality.


Admission requirements:

  • All candidates must be enrolled on a full time basis
  • Application form (Appendix 1)
  • Updated CV
  • Photograph 4x6
  • Provide 3 letters of recommendations in sealed envelope directed to the program director
  • Provide a written permission from the sponsoring institution
  • Certificate of successful completion of ophthalmology residency program or certificate of King Saud University of fellowship in ophthalmology or any equivalent board accredited by the Saudi council for health specialists.
  • Medical report indicating visual acuity, color vision, stereopsis, absence of transmitted disease hepatitis, HIV, and absence of hand and finger disabilities (Appendix 2)
  • Pass successfully the interview
  • Valid registration with the Saudi Council for health specialist


General Objectives

  1. To graduate cornea, external disease and refractive surgery specialist who are capable of diagnosing and managing cornea, external disease and refractive problems as well as challenging contract surgeries and interior segment reconstructive surgeries.
  2. To prepare physician to take a lead in the academic and research filed.


Training requirement & duties:

  1.  Every 4 months, the fellow will be assigned to one of the 3 teams functioning under the Cornea, external diseases and refractive surgery unit at KAUH and KKUH.
  2. The fellow will be responsible for all patient care activity of the assigned team
  3. Master the technique of interpreting topography, elevation map, specular microscopy, confocal miscroscopy, anterior segment OCT, and confocal mi0crospcopy
  4. Conduct at least one major and one minor research project  


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