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Vision, Mission, Values, Goals and Objectives


To be a distinguished academic psychiatric department pioneering in teaching, training, research, client’s care, and psycho-education.


The Department of Psychiatry in King Saud University is dedicated in pursuing excellence in Integrated High Quality Psychiatric Services, Education, Training, Research, Client-Care, and Psycho-Education; teamwork with sense of responsibility, and credibility; adopting an evidence-based medical approach.


The Department of Psychiatry’s services are always anchored on these three core values:

  • Cooperation and Transparency
  • Innovation and Creativity
  • Accountability


The main goal of the Department of Psychiatry is to provide a high-quality standard on different fields of Psychiatry such as in teaching and training undergraduate medical students, postgraduate training, psychiatric care and support to our clients and their families, research, and paramedical training; particularly in psychology, social work, and psychiatric nursing.

Likewise, the objectives of the department are first, to enhance the quality of psychiatric education and training by improving academic activities (form and content), skills of the staff (teaching, training, and assessment), and outpatient measurements (scales, feedback forms); second, to provide continuous education through collaborative effort between  psychiatrists, fellowship trainees, psychologists, and social workers; third, to review and update written job descriptions, guidelines, policies and procedures of patients’ care annually; fourth, to plan an on-going system of monitoring and evaluation of patient’s care; and lastly, to adopt multidisciplinary interdependent bio-psycho-social approach.

The department also aims to establish a research unit in the department run and supervised by research committee, to enhance psycho-education to our clients, their families, and community through various activities (publishing booklets, guideline manuals, CD’s, DVD’s seminars, workshops, TV programs) and to encourage all members of the department to participate in achieving these goals according to their specialty, interest, and experience.

Last updated on : January 12, 2023 3:19am