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Dean's Message

It gives me a great pleasure to welcome you all in our new and updated website for the college of Medicine and University Hospitals in King Saud University. I hope you will find it useful to get some information about the many activities and developments that are taking place in our institution.

Last couple of years has been very rich with many ambitious projects and developments that have kept us all excited and busy.
On the academic front, major reform has taken place in our curriculum in order to align our program with the new medical education standards. Our curriculum has moved from traditional teaching to a student centered, integrated, system based learning. In addition, a fully equipped skills lab has been integrated in the curriculum in addition to a simulated patient program. Moreover, a powerful learning management and e-learning system is about to be launched.

In the last years, our students have been in the center of all our activities. They have played an integral part in most educational and community based projects. They have arranged many very successful public campaigns that attracted the eyes of the local and regional communities.

Our postgraduate programs continue to grow rapidly reaching more than 40 this year. These programs are now attracting international trainees. The college continues to be the major contributor in biomedical research in the county and region according to many research agencies. Through motivation and dedication of our local research stars and through collaboration with world authorities through the twinning program and research chairs, we are expecting a very prosperous years to come in terms of significant scientific contributions that will help the humanity.

We continue to deliver high quality companionate health care to all Saudis through more than 1000 bed facilities in King Khalid university Hospital and King AbdulAzeez University Hospital. Many outstanding medical services have been established in these facilities for the first time in the Middle East. With our well trained medical staff graduating from our college and training in world top universities and medical centers, we are extremely proud to be a major contributor of health care in the Kingdom. Our services are expanding quickly and will soon translate into a full medical city with more than 1600 beds, a full ICU center, King Fahad cardiac center, and oncology center, and a family medicine center.

Through both the college of Medicine, and the university hospitals, this institution has been a landmark in medical education and healthcare in the region as most health authorities and leaders in the Kingdom are proud graduates of this college.

I would like to acknowledge the generous and continuance support from our government and from King Saud University without which all this would not have been possible. I would also like to thank all previous deans, vice dean, administrators, and all members of the faculty for their dedication and hard work. Special thanks go to all our physicians, nurses, healthcare workers and administrative staff. Last but not least, I would like to thank our students and graduates for making us proud. A lot has been done, but much more hard work is awaiting us. Together we will make the difference.