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Undergraduate Courses

Undergraduate Courses
 Course Title| Course Name; 481 GYN  Obstetrics & Gynaecology
Credit Hours:                  11 (4+7)
Contact Clock Hours:    Theoretical:                  
                                           Tutorials & Practicals
Obstetrics and  Gynecology  is a branch of medicine with deals with the health  care of women.
It is concerned with the Physiological Psychological and Pathological events of the reproductive and Menopausal Processes.
 It deals with pregnancy and its complications and also study the problems of the fetus.
Aims  and  Objectives
All undergraduate students must have three basic components knowledge, Clinical Skills, and Attitude in order to be a well motivated efficient future doctor.
The Course
During one Academic year three cycles in Obstetrics and Gynecology are held on 12 weeks basis starting with Female Students followed by two Male Students cycle in addition one Summer Course of 8 weeks.
The Organization of the Course:
The integrated course will contain 40 Lectures for all Students. 12 Tutorials for each group, Skill Lab, Instruments, Beside the daily activities which include ward round with bed side teaching, Clinical attendance Operating Room, Labour Ward and Accident and Emergency sessions.  
Programmes of the Department:
The most important objectives of the Department are to improve the general health status of pregnant women by providing adequate antenatal and post natal care, diagnose and treat women with gynaecological problems, and participate in the academic and clinical training of both under graduate and post graduates.
Under Graduate Programme:
Course 481 is given to medical students in their 4th year of the medical school. 11 hours of teaching, tutorials, and clinical exposure are given weekly. There are three of these cycles annually, two cycles for males and the third cycle for female students.
The course aims to impart in the students basic knowledge in the field of obstetrics & gynaecology. At the end of the course it is hoped they will be able to diagnosed and manage common obstetrical and gynaecological problems.   
Students spend 12 weeks in the department. This constitutes their entire obstetrics training. Due to the cycle system, every batch may do obstetrics straight after finishing Level 12 or after rotating through other cycles e.g. medicine, surgery, etc.
Students, however, have been given courses in medicine and surgery during or before Level 12 and, therefore, they should have the background in clinical practice. During these 12 weeks, it is impossible to cover all topics in details. Emphasis is put on graduating general physicians who have enough basic knowledge in obstetrics.



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