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About Us


The Department of Psychiatry of King Saud University is one of the most renowned healthcare and educational institutions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia particularly in their facilities, human resource, research and services. It is comprised of a roster of skilled medical practitioners and staff whose primary goal is to ensure that every possible effort is directed to fulfill its role in providing the highest quality of safe tertiary healthcare while ensuring efficacy and proper utilization of resources.

The Department offers 24-hour psychiatric health services and is responsible for the treatment of a broad range of psychiatric disorders in a supportive environment that respects the safety, dignity and confidentiality of every patient in accordance with the Saudi Law. All patients are properly assessed by duly qualified health care professionals.

It is equipped with the most modern and advanced therapeutic tools and medical equipment’s in the country, and is capable in providing special and expert services to a broad range of psychiatric cases.

And because education is one of the top priority of the department, it is actively involved in both undergraduate and post graduate training and teaching to hone the future leaders in the field of Psychiatry for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Furthermore, the Department of Psychiatry is also geared towards educating resident doctors and medical students engaged in scholarly activity and clinical research, and expanding mental health services for children, adults and families all over the country.  

The Department of Psychiatry currently has seventeen (17) consultants: four (4) of which are academic staff. These include two (2) professors, one (1) associate assistant professor and one (1) assistant professor.  We also have two (2) Senior Registrar, one (1) Resident and six (6) rotating residents from the Saudi Board Psychiatry Residency Program, twelve (12) Psychologists, five (5) Social Workers, two (2) Special Education Specialist and one (1) Learning and Disability Specialist. Our faculty members are actively involved in teaching our own residents, interns and King Saud medical students.

Another focus of the department is to be involved in both national and international researchers and to have more publications, specifically in respected international journals in addition to regular participations in international scientific meetings through verbal presentations or posters.

You are invited to explore this website and learn more about our department.

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