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Department Achievements

Department Achievments

Major Achievments and Research Papers:

  1. Establishing the laboratory of the Colorectal Surgery Research Center, which is equipped with the necessary devices and machines such as the centrifuge, microscope and western blotting instrument. In addition, an assistant professor holding a PhD degree has been recruited to work in the colorectal cancer research laboratory.
  2. Initiating a joint study between the Colorectal Surgery Research Chair, Stem Cell Unit and Laboratory Science Department KKUH titled "The quest to characterize deregulated microRNA and mRNA Networks in Cancer Stem Cells (CSCs) from Solid Tumors and Leukemia."
  3. A research grant titled "Establishment of a Colorectal Cancer Biobank to Identify Genetic Mutations of Colorectal Cancer Patients in Saudi Arabia" has been received from The National Plan for Science, Technology and Innovation, and the code number is 13-MED-1204-02.
  4. For the first time, a colorectal cancer biobank has been established in King Khaled University Hospital with around 100 samples since April 2013.
  5. Creating a database for all colorectal cancer patients that includes all patient information, which could affect the results of treatment of colorectal cancer.  
  6. Collaborating with Stem Cell Unit by conducting research on stem cells especially embryonic stem cells.
  7. Establishing a facility for colorectal stem cell transplantation and establishment of human cancer cell lines.
  8. Establishing Western Blotting Facility.
  9. For the first time, DNA sequencing and analysis has been initiated using Genetic Analyzer 3500.


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