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Department committees


Section Advisory Committee

Committee Chairman Abdullah Al-Fawaz

Committee Secretary: Soha Bamkhair


Research Committee

Committee Chairman: Prof. Marwan Abuammoh

Committee Secretary: Hajar Abu Al-Fath

Committee Secretary: Chrysalis Bautista

The Department of Media and Community Relations Committee

Chairman of the Committee: Prof. Adel Al-Suhaibani

Committee Secretary: Maram Hakami

Academic Development and Quality Committee

Committee Chairman: Dr. Maen Al Kharashi

Committee Secretary: Malak Al-Saud

Student Affairs Committee

Committee Chairman: Dr. Abdullah Al Musa

Committee Secretary: Malak Al-Saud

Clinical Quality Committee

Committee Chairman: Dr. Abdul Salam Turjman

Committee Secretary: Lorena Espresso

Postgraduate Studies Committee

Committee Chairman: Dr. Hind Kattan

Vice Chairman of the Committee for the Fellowship Training Program

Dr.. Majid Al Kharashi

Vice Chairman of the Committee for the Subspecialties Program d. Dania Al Shuwaier

Purchasing Committee

Committee Chairman: Dr. Hattan Al-Khiari

Committee Secretary: a. Mohammed Al Ali

death committee

Committee Chairman: Hani Al-Muzaini

Committee Secretary: Phineas Joy

Treatment Eligibility Committee

Committee Chairman: Dr. Faisal Al Mubarak

Committee Secretary: Elham Sabahi