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Department Units

Department Units

  1. General Surgery Unit
  2. Urological Surgery Unit
  3. Neurosurgery Unit
  4. Plastic Surgery Unit
  5. Thoracic Surgery Unit
  6. Pediatrics Surgery Unit
  7. Vascular surgery Unit


About Plastic Surgery Unit

The Hands, Burns and Plastic Surgery Unit is one of the largest units under the Department of Surgery and is headed by Prof. Mohammed Alqattan. The unit staff team includes a number of highly qualified Saudi professionals as follows:

  • Dr. Khalid Alzahrani (Assistant Professor and Consultant, Post-Weight-Loss Plastic Surgery)
  • Dr. Abdullah Qattan (Assistant Professor and Consultant, Hand Surgery)
  • Dr. Nawara Alarfaj (Assistant Professor and Consultant, Aesthetic Breast Surgery)
  • Dr. Adnan Algelaidan (Assistant Professor and Consultant, Reconstructive Surgery  and Microsurgery)
  • Dr. Jamal Aldeen Hasanain (Assistant Professor and Consultant, Plastic Surgery)
  • Dr. Abdulmuhsin Allazam (Assistant Professor and Consultant, Hand Surgery and Microsurgery)
  • Dr. Bashr Alshanwani (Consultant, Plastic Surgery)
  • Dr. Taghreed Alhumsi (Consultant, Plastic Surgery of the Face and Head)

Four subunits have been recently established, which include:

  1. Hand Surgery
  2. Pediatric Plastic Surgery, Cleft Lip/Palate and Skull Reshaping
  3. Microsurgery and Breast Reconstruction
  4. Post-Weight-Loss Plastic Surgery

In addition, the unit has recently established the KSU Hand Surgery Program and it strives to lay the foundation stone of the Saudi Society for Hand Surgery.

Moreover, the unit is distinguished by scientific research as it annually publishes around 15 research papers and this year, it has won first prize in surgical research at the annual research conference of the Department of Surgery.

Plastic surgery and reconstructive surgery clinics are always overcrowded with patients and we strive to offer everyone the best treatment options out there. The unit also participates in diabetic foot shifts at the hospital.

Plastic surgery and hand surgery emergencies are numerous and the highest in the Department of Surgery due to the high rate of hand injuries in the Kingdom especially among children.

Furthermore, the unit treats burns and strives to expand the Burns Unit to include its own intensive care unit and treat more cases of burns. Every week, the unit admits numerous complicated cases referred by the Ministry of Health for reconstructive surgery and hand surgery including neurosurgery.

About General Surgery Unit

  1. A comprehensive report on the activities of Colorectal Surgery and Research Unit in 2011-2016

Location: King Khaled University Hospital, Riyadh, Building 19, 2nd Floor

Field of Specialization: Colorectal Cancer Surgery and Research Center


About the Colorectal Research Unit

The Colorectal Research Unit aims to promote scientific research focusing on genetic causes and biomarkers associated with colorectal cancer.

  • Unit Objectives
  1. Having a leading role in conducting studies and scientific research on colorectal cancer at the global, regional, and local levels.
  2. Establishing scientific and research partnership with national, international and GCC universities and research centers.
  3. Providing advice and conducting necessary studies to enhance performance of the center's fields of interest in different bodies and institutions.
  4. Cooperating and coordinating with other concerned bodies and institutions within and outside the Kingdom and facilitating the exchange of scientific production and scientific and professional ideas in the center's field of interests as well as establishing close ties with GCC countries.
  5. Training national and GCC cadres in different fields of research and knowledge.
  6.  Raising community awareness on the significance of colorectal diseases.
  7. Supporting healthcare strategic planning of colorectal diseases in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

About Breast and Endocrine Surgery

It is a subunit of General Surgery Division and Surgery Department. It was established in 2003 after its founder and head has returned from Australia upon completion of his training in breast and endocrine surgery.

Unit Staff Members:

  1. Prof. Abdulaziz Alsaif (Unit Head) – Email:
  2. Prof. Muhsin Altamim
  3. Prof. Mohammed Alshehri
  4. Dr. Amaal Alabdulkarim (Teaching Assistant)
  5. Dr. Awadh Alqahtani (Teaching Assistant)
  6. Dr. Nuha Alsaleh (Teaching Assistant)
  7. Dr. Areej Bukhari (Consultant)

The unit provides clinical services to patients according to a full weekly schedule with five clinics operating weekly and four days dedicated to surgical operations. Approximately 5500 patients are examined in outpatient clinics and nearly 500 breast and endocrine surgeries are performed annually. Moreover, the unit participates in delivering all surgery department courses to medical students and participates in the training of residents enrolled in the General Surgery Program. It is worth mentioning that in late 2004, the first sentinel lymph node biopsy for patients with early-stage breast cancer has been performed which was considered the first of its kind in the Kingdom at that time. Moreover, the unit staff members have published many specialized research papers in local, regional and international peer-reviewed journals and periodicals. They also provide community service through being members in numerous committees of the Department of Surgery, College of Medicine, King Saud University, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education and Saudi Health Council.


Subspecialty Fellowship

The KSU Breast and Endocrine Surgery Fellowship Program has recently been initiated. The two-year program admits those who have completed a postgraduate training program in surgery and aims to provide highly intensive training in breast and endocrine surgery. A subspecialty certificate in breast and endocrine surgery is awarded to those who successfully complete the program, thus providing the country with new consultants specialized in such field.

Program Director: Prof. Abdulaziz Alsaif

 About Trauma Surgery and Critical Cases Unit

The unit was established in Safar 1433H corresponding to January 2012 as the first specialized surgical unit in its field in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf.

The unit has three consultants and one associate consultant. It has been accredited academically for training resident in the Saudi Fellowship Program for General Surgery at King Saud University and KSUMC. In addition, we trains four to five resident in each training period, which lasts from two to three months. The unit is one of the most desirable units for training by resident, either from King Saud University or from other hospitals.

The unit receives all emergency cases from KSUMC Emergency Department resulting from accidents and various kinds of injuries. A specialized team of the unit team and trainee doctors was established under the leadership of one of the Unit's consultants in order to respond quickly to the various cases of injuries, especially the most severe ones, and to provide medical and surgical care according to the best international standards. Staff will also treat all emergency surgical cases from Emergency Department or admitted cases and respond to urgent consultations sent to the department from the operating rooms or other departments.

Currently, the unit provides 24 hours services in cooperation with the General Surgery Consultant and follow-up all emergency surgery cases. The unit is looking forward to expand its services once the team is completed.

The unit contributes through the Faculty of Medicine at KSU to teach students at different educational level. The unit staff conducted research activities in which we encourage the contributions of medical students and resident physicians. In addition, they participated in scientific conferences and submitted field specialized research.


About Urology Unit


About Neurosurgery Unit

The Neurosurgery Unit is one of the leading units in the Kingdom which aims to receive and treat patients from all over the country and from abroad.

The unit was established in 1402H corresponding to 1982.

The Neurosurgery Unit has been equipped with the latest facilities and devices necessary to perform all major microbiological surgeries such as brain tumors, cerebrovascular aneurysms, pituitary tumors, complex spinal surgery such as spinal cartilage and spinal cord tumors and spinal incontinence.

Neurosurgery is equipped with the latest devices such as the neuro-navigation system, O-arm radiography for CT scan during operation, neurological monitoring devices, surgical endoscopes, and the latest surgical microscopes associated with navigation devices equipped with tumor Screening. After the unit expansion, the magnetic resonance device (MRI) has been installed inside the operation room (Brain Suite), which helps the surgeon to completely eradicate tumors while maintaining vital brain centers.

All the consultant physicians in the Neurosurgery Unit at King Khalid University Hospital have the Canadian and British Fellowships and the specialty certificate in Spinal Surgery, Brain Tumors, Pulmonary Tumors, Pediatric Neurosurgery and Endoscopic Surgery.

Neurosurgery outpatient clinic treats about 3000 patients, 1,200 patients are admitted, and 550-600 surgical procedures are performed each year.

The Neurosurgery Unit, in cooperation with its counterpart in the Kingdom, established the Saudi Society for Neurosurgery by Professor Zain Al Abidine Jamjoum in 2006. We are one of the leading units in training Saudi Neurosurgery Fellows, where trainees are trained annually. We are concerned with serving the community and educating citizens through regular awareness campaigns.

The Unit is concerned with medical research and encouraging students and doctors to conduct scientific research and distribute research, where all doctors participate in international conferences and conduct research periodically in international scientific forums. The Unit's doctors have published more than 150 research papers in international and local scientific journals.




Unit Physicians:

  • Dr. Amro Bin Fayez Al-Habib, Associate Professor and Consultant in Neurosurgery and Spine Surgery.
  • Prof. Sharif Ben Fahmy Al-Wetidi, Professor and Consultant in Neurosurgery and Brain Tumors and Skull Surgery.
  • Dr. Abdul Razzaq Bin Mohammed Ajlan, Assistant Professor and Consultant of Neurosurgery and Skull Endoscopic Surgery.
  • Dr. Ekhlas Sulaiman Al-Tuwaijri, Consultant in Pediatric Neurosurgery.
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