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Chairman Message

Chairman Message

We welcome you to the site of the Department of Surgery and we are pleased to introduce you to it. The department was established in 1393H/1973AD making it one of the oldest surgical departments in the region and it is a pillar of the College of Medicine at King Saud University and King Khalid University Hospital.

Currently, the department has 51 faculty members, 62 consultants and 38 teaching assistants enrolled in scholarship programs in various majors. We are proud that the department has always been providing the Kingdom with numerous academic and healthcare leaders as many ministers, undersecretaries, directors of hospitals and health commissions, and deans of medical colleges have worked in the department.

Moreover, the department has the latest surgical technologies such as the surgical robot, advanced hybrid operating rooms and a lot more.

In addition to providing services to patients in various specialties using advanced surgical techniques and in addition to teaching medical students, the department offers five general training programs and six specialized fellowship programs to physicians. Furthermore, the departments has distinguished scientific production as it yearly conducts many studies and research papers that are published in international journals, and the researchers, who are considered international references in their fields, have obtained several patents and received numerous international awards.


Last updated on : January 12, 2023 3:19am