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Our Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Unit team at King Khalid University Hospital is dedicated to providing your child and family an expert psychiatric care. The team is composed of board-certified child and adolescent psychiatrists and neuropsychologists with extensive training and experience in addressing special needs and challenges of children of all ages. Our practitioners are focused on understanding the patient, and evaluating and providing comprehensive treatment recommendations and services.

The Child and Adolescent Unit also deals with population younger than eighteen (18). There are outpatient, consultation and liaison services, and, in occasion, inpatient admissions. It deals with psychiatric, developmental, behavioral, educational and disciplinary problems. Outpatients receive referrals from pediatric sorting clinic.

The team also receives referral from pediatric floor for consultation and liaison as well.

Our Vision:

To be a distinctive and pioneering unit in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry in Saudi Arabia in terms of client service, training, research, and psycho-education.

Our Mission:

The department strives for excellence, particularly in integration and its quality of diagnostic and therapeutic client services according to team concept. It also focuses on leadership in the development of Diploma and Fellowship Programs in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. Furthermore, it aims to present more qualitative and creative researches in the area of Psychiatric and Behavioral Disorders in both children and adolescents.

Conditions Treated:

The Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Unit is a team that deals with population younger than 18. We offer a full range of psychological services like outpatient consultation and liaison services, and, occasionally, inpatient admissions. We also deal with psychiatric, developmental, behavioral, educational and disciplinary problems.

Regular Cases include: Regular cases are given an appointment according to availability.

  • ADHD
  • Autism spectrum disorders.
  • Learning disabilities and mental retardation.
  • Anxiety disorders.
  • Schizophrenia and other psychosis.
  • Language disorders.
  • Other cases not included in the criteria of patients needing urgent intervention

Urgent Cases include: Urgent cases are prioritized to avail nearest appointment [i.e.  Within a month after the date of referral]

  • Sexual or physical abuse.
  • School refusal especially at the beginning of a school   year, beginning of a semester, or after returning from a vacation.
  • Cases needing urgent family intervention.
  • Serious disruptive behavior and or aggression.
  • Depression with suicidal tendency.
  • BAD-Manic Episode.

To make a referral please call the Psychiatric Outpatient Clinic at +966 11 467-2402/1721/1722 



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