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Mission and Vision

 “Our graduates are professional, and acquired required skills, competencies and attitude to practice medicine locally and worldwide.  They are passionate about the quality of patient’s life and committed to serve the community and humanity.  They believe in the significance of medical research in advancing medicine and devoted to serve the medical profession.”

 The Department of Medical Education aims at:

  • Establishing close collaboration with the Phase, Block and Subject co-ordinators/representatives.
  • Ensuring that the quality of teaching/learning at undergraduate and postgraduate levels and research in medical education match the international standards and best practices nurtured in prestigious universities.
  • Establishing links at national and international levels with reliable and credible partners.
  • Making a strong emphasis on professional values and competencies in medicine.
  • Designing staff and student training programs and ensuring excellence in teaching, knowledge transfer and innovation in medical education research.
  • Developing an environment that enforces excellence in teaching and allows the Faculty in achieving its objectives.


 The Department of Medical Education basis its values on the university’s mission statement and the College of Medicine mission statements in key values:

  • Students values - Equal opportunity for every student.
  • College values - Quality of graduates, collegiality, professional attitude, respect, cooperation, teamwork.
  • Medical profession values – Integrity, accountability, excellence, leadership, commitment and professional attitude.
  • Community values – leadership by serving the community and humanity.
  • Research community values – innovation, integrity, making a difference, leadership.
  • University values- Innovative thinking, creativity and making a difference at local, national and international levels.

Chairman of Medical Education Department 

            Title: Head of Medical Education Department

             Name: Prof. Mona M. Soliman, MBBS, MSc, PhD


             Office No.: (011)4670191