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 The Orthopedic Department at the College of Medicine, King Saud University in Riyadh, is situated at the 2nd level, King Khalid University Hospital.  King Saud University is in Deriyyah, at the Westside of Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia.  It is near to the Diplomatic Quarter.  The department used to be a Division of Department of Surgery; however, in 1996 it became a separate department.  At present, we have 13 consultants, 11 of which are Academic staff.  This includes 2 Professors, 4 Associate Professors and 5 Assistant Professors.  We have 3 Senior Registrars, 6 Registrars, 9 residents, and at least 4 rotating Residents belonging to the Saudi/Arab Board Orthopedic Residency Training Program.  The department has currently six Demonstrators in training program in Canada. We have 48 opened beds receiving elective and trauma cases.  There is an extra expandable 12-bed capacity.  The hospital is a secondary and tertiary referral center.
 The department is actively involved in teaching undergraduates (a 5 week period course) as well as In-training Residents belonging to the Saudi/Arab Board for Orthopedic surgery.  The department is a major center and important contributor for training postgraduate orthopedic Residents and specialty trainees in Saudi Arabia.  The staff in the department is also active in International as well as local publications, book translation and public education.  Teaching activities include a daily morning admission meeting, a weekly clinical meeting and a monthly Radiological and Pathological meeting.  The department of orthopedics in collaboration with the medical education center is regularly organizing two annual international symposia; one in recent advances of general orthopedic practice and the other is specialized for pediatric orthopedics. Accompanying with both symposia, one or more workshops are conducted to train junior orthopedic staff on recent procedures in orthopedic surgery.  
 There are three clinical units in the orthopedic department, one is totally Pediatric Orthopedics including spinal deformities with 5 Consultants; another unit is for Sport Medicine & Reconstruction surgery including Ilizarov and oncology with 4 Consultants and the last unit deals with General Orthopedics, spine and Arthroplasty surgery and has 4 Consultants.  All units deal with trauma and its complications.
 Our department is interested in establishing active links with similar departments to exchange knowledge and expertise.  We used to send postgraduate Residents for fellowships as well as invite distinguished surgeons and academics, and also invite examiners for our undergraduate and postgraduate students.  We are also interested in joint research projects, especially those relating to our community.  Belonging to our department there are two subspecialty fellowships in Pediatric Orthopedics and Joint Arthroplasty; both of them are recognized from Saudi Council for Health Specialties. In these fellowships we are accepting candidates after finishing Saudi or Arab Board and they are trained in each subspecialty for two years. After completing their fellowships the candidates become ready to work as consultants.
 The orthopedic department in King Saud University contributes in all medical and research projects in the field of orthopedic surgery as well as scientific activities under supervision of medical education canter of the college of medicine. Also the department offers all heath services for orthopedic patients from all around the kingdom. The orthopedic department is characterized by having highly standard medical staff in all orthopedic subspecialties, including sport medicine, pediatric orthopedics, spinal surgery, orthopedic oncology, arthroplasty and other leading subspecialties in the field of orthopedics
 Provide appropriate scientific environment for teaching and training male and female medical students.
 Performing highly standard scientific researches to be published in the international journals
Offering distinguished medical services to all orthopedic patients 
Chairman of Orthopedic Department

Title: Chairman of Orthopedic Department

Name: Dr. Fawzi F. Al-Jassir
Office Tel.: 46-70871
Web page: