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The Molecular Genetic Pathology unit is a CAP accredited lab, and was established in February 2013 as a part of clinical laboratory, King Khalid University Hospital, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

The unit aimed to provide in-house services in the Molecular Genetics within Pathology, by providing clinical molecular diagnostics for a wide range of cancers and heritable disorders. The staff includes Molecular Genetics consultant Pathologists, lab specialist and trainees.

Molecular Pathology is an emergent and growing service area focused on the use of Nucleic acid based techniques such as Polymerase chain reaction, Reverse transcription PCR, Real time PCR, DNA sequencing & Next generation sequencing by the examination of DNA or RNA molecules within organs, tissues or body fluids. The state of the art Molecular Pathology tests increases the specificity of the disease diagnoses for identification & classification. They clarify the prognosis and prediction for potential implications of the disease, and determine the best therapeutic approaches and responses. Molecular pathology is significant for the prediction of response to chemotherapy, radiation and the detection of residual disease.