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King Abdulaziz University Hospital-Diabetic Center

University Diabetes Center



It's one of the leading centers in KSA to teach and evaluate diabetic patients, it starts to provide services in 1994.
Center services and goals:

    Evaluate diabetes.
    Teach diabetic patients.
    Conduct researches on diabetes.
    Held scientific sessions and seminars.

Center Departments:

    Clinical department.
    Society service.
    Health education.
    Constant medical teaching.
    Clinics, which include: general diabetes clinic, blood vessels clinic, pediatric diabetes, pregnancy diabetes, foot clinic, insulin clinic, sexual impotence clinic, obesity clinic, nutrition clinic, health education clinic, pre-pregnancy clinic, after-pregnancy clinic, Osteoporosis clinic, cardio clinic, blood test clinic, involuntary nerves test clinic, cardiograph clinic, retina clinic, glands clinic, fat mass measure clinic, cardio x-ray clinic, emergency cases clinic, social services clinic and pancreas' cells implant clinic.
    Medical pharmacy: it's specific for center's patients only.

Center Services:

    Evaluate diabetes, from the following aspects:

    Determine what type of diabetes it is.
    Put an appropriate plan and follow through.
    Diagnose complications resulted from diabetes, put a treatment plan and prevent complications from happening.
    Treat other associated diseases like obesity, high blood pressure and high blood fat.

       2. Teach diabetic patients, by running weekly sessions aims to:

    Rise level of health awareness in the patient about diabetes, complications and to prevent it.
    Educate the patient on all different treatment methods and how to use it.
    Educate the patient on how to live with diseases in normal circumstances and special ones like fasting, Hajj, marriage, parties and others.
    Train the patients and his/her relative on how to inject insulin and run blood and urinary tests.
    Prepare and print educational flayers.

       3. Researches: the center seeks to conduct more researches and studies that can raise the level of treatment and medical care for diabetic patients by studying everything new on diabetes and make sure of its benefit in developing the general level of medical care and treatment.

      4. Held scientific sessions and seminars: it's conducted for health cadres such as doctors, nurses and technician through lectures, training programs and scientific seminars on diabetes.


Potentials and services in university diabetes center:

    thirteen specialized clinics include the following:

    general diabetes clinic
    Endocrine glands
    foot clinic
    obesity clinic
    sexual impotence clinic
    cardio clinic
    blood vessels clinic
    pediatric diabetes
    nerves clinic
    beta cells implant clinic
    kidneys clinic
    retina clinic
    nutrition clinic
    genetics clinic

        2. three pregnancy diabetes clinics which include:

    pre-pregnancy clinic
    pregnancy diabetes clinic
    after-pregnancy clinic

        3. two intensive insulin units which include:

    insulin pump
    sugar senses

        4. two health education clinics which include:

    intensive program for diabetic patients
    community service programs

         5. support services clinics which include:

    university diabetes center pharmacy

         6.physiology laboratory which include:

    Measuring blood pump in foot.
    Measuring fat density
    Measuring fat density
    involuntary nerves test

          7.diabetes emergency unit, which include:

    examination room

          8. diabetes basic researches center, which include the following units:

    pharmaceutical researches
    clinical researches
    molecular biology
    technology researches
    medical statistics

National Record for Diabetes:

It serves chromosomes research chair supervised by a diabetes strategic center. The center has four understanding warrants with four American, European, Asian international universities as well as issuing a lot of published studies and translated books.

The center's website is in edugate at KSU.


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