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Computer & Information Department


Information technology department plays a very crucial role in supporting college of medicine and university hospitals (King Khalid University Hospital & King Abdul-Aziz University Hospital) as one of the most important Service departments.

IT always search for the latest and advanced technologies to ensure that the college of medicine and hospitals attain their objectives which are providing better services to users and patients, ensuring proper environment for students and faculty members to be creative, and providing multiple services to the society.

The responsibility of the department is to provide full support to all departments, physicians, staff, and students in College Of Medicine, university hospitals, College Of Dentistry in Malaz and Darriayh , Housing Clinic, and Student Clinic in all issues related to IT services through different department's divisions.

Divisions in the department include Development, web applications, networks and systems, E-learning, Statistics, and Help Desk the department emphasizes interdisciplinary projects. IT department is involving collaborations with many departments & users to achieve these projects.

IT department is responsible of all electronic health applications such as HIS, PACS, RIS ...etc. these application & services is running through many geographical locales to support all healthcare professionals.


Vision :

To implement the best available applications & technologies which will help improve and enhance the workflow and ensure user satisfaction in terms of data availability, supports or by implementing useful projects in the Hospital.


Mission :

The Information Technology department is committed to excellence and leadership, and to providing University hospitals' users with accurate and useful information in a format which will assist in the performance of job functions and workflow.


Value :

IT staff will provide high quality services to ensure the satisfaction of users in respectful, kind and honestly manner.

Scope of SServices


IT department services include:

Support departments and staff in all applications and hardware through Helpdesk division.
Evaluate and Implement new applications requested.
Provide user training in all electronic applications.
Manage and monitor network systems.


Chairman of Computer Department


Title: Chairman of Computer Department

Name: Mr. Mansour Saad M. Al-Swaidan

Tel: 7-0159











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