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Pharmacology is a science that deals with the study of drug effects on various human systems or on microorganisms or parasites that grow and multiply in the human body. Pharmacology is one of the most important basic medical sciences. It is essential for the medical student to understand how drugs are absorbed, distributed, bound to its receptors and eliminated from the body. Understanding pharmacology helps the physician for a proper and rationale use of drugs in patient care. It also helps to keep adverse effects of drugs to the minimum and avoid as much as possible drug interactions. What usually make a clinician a distinguished physician and researcher is his strong background in basic medical sciences.


The vision of the Department of Pharmacology is to be a recognized and distinguished unit in the field of pharmacology and therapeutics in Saudi Arabia and abroad by providing excellent teaching and training for the medical, paramedical, and graduate students.


The mission of the Department of Pharmacology is improve learning and education of pharmacology in integrative manner with basic medical sciences in the medical school. In addition, enhancement of and improvement of research activities are target aim of the staff members in the department.


Chairman of Pharmacology Department


        Title: Chairman of Pharmacology Department

        Name: Prof. Mohammed Alhumayyd

        Fax Tel.: 46-71322

        Fax Tel.: 46-71322


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