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Sharing Our Expertese

The Family and Community Medicine Department shares its expertise with a number of scientific and professional associations and entities specializing in health at the local, regional and global levels
At the global level, we shares our experiences with


  • Pakistan Doctors group at the Pakistan Embassy 





At the regional level, we shares our experiences with



  • Oman Medical College

  • MENA-Health Policy Forum



At the local level, we shares our experiences with






Private sector

  • Alhabeeb hospital
  • Alfaisal University Riyadh
  • Batarji Colleges

Society and Associations

  • Saudi Geriatric Society
  • Saudi scientific public health association
  • Saudi hypertension management Society
  • Saudi osteoporosis Society

Community and charity organizations

  • Nabthat charity
  • Mother & Child Charity Association, Qadwa Center
  • Enayah


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