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Faculty Affairs Committee



Improve and develop the performance of faculty members of the college.


  1. Prepare an assessment and analysis of the current status of faculty satisfaction in the college.
  2. Prepare database of College faculty members and their equivalents.
  3. Accounting faculty concerns and their current activities and work on supporting them.
  4. Review the rules and regulations governing the operation of the faculty member and improve what can be improved, and work to empower faculty members and enable them of their rights.
  5. Promote faculty members involvement in College decision making.
  6. Attract distinguished faculty for college and preserving them.
  7. Prepare a manual for new faculty members.
  8. Participate in preparation of the college strategic plan that is related faculty member affairs.
  9. Study all issues referred to it by the Dean for academic affairs, within the committee scope of function.



* Chairman.

* Vice Dean of Postgraduate studies and scientific researches.

* 6 - 12 faculty members.

* Secretary. 

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