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Development and Quality Committee


Supervise and support all activities related to quality and development in the College of Medicine.


  1. Following the college strategic plan  
  2. Prepare the general policies of the development and quality upon the college level. 
  3. Suggest initiatives to enhance academic, research and administrative quality and development in the college
  4. Suggest and supervise the activities of the academic evaluation and accreditation of the college.
  5. Follow the level of quality in college.  
  6. Work on continuous quality improvement.
  7. Nominate distinguished of the college staff awards for excellence. 
  8. Reporting all challenges and proposed solutions related quality and development
  9. Prepare and send reports to concerned parties after being approved by the Vice Dean of Quality and Development
  10. Review all issues referred to it by the Vice Dean of Quality and Development, within the committee scope of function
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Development and Quality Committee