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Departmental Faculty and Staff Committee


To study and assess the employment and promotion and training requests and all issues related to Faculty and other staff.      


  1. HR Planning for all faculty and staff needs of various units according to teaching, clinical loads and administrative needs.
  2. Reviewing and recommending job distribution among the department and units.
  3. Evaluating qualifications and CVs of job candidates.
  4. Evaluating faculty and staff promotion requests.
  5.  Evaluating faculty and staff requests to participate in conferences and training courses.
  6. Assessing and recommending employment request or transfer or consultancy (part time) or secondment or resignation or early retirement.
  7. Assessing request and recommending the service extension and re-appointment of faculty who reached the retirement age.
  8. Reviewing training/scholarship requests (for completeness of documents, appropriateness of training center and its alignment with departmental and college staffing plans) and follow up the in-training performance.
  9. Preparing and sending reports to concerned parties after being approved by the chairman of department.
  10. Reviewing all issues referred to it by the chairman or the departmental board, within the committee scope of function.


  1. Three or more faculty members.
  2. At least one of the member has to be professor.


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Departmental Faculty and Staff Committee