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Departmental Development & Academic Quality


To monitor and support all activities related to academic


  1. Suggesting and following the departmental strategic plan.
  2. . Monitoring quality, and measuring program/department performance & clients satisfaction of all departmental activities (including conduction of curriculum and exams of both under- and post graduate programs)
  3. Reviewing the Faculty and staff performance and assessment.
  4. Facilitating internal and external academic reviews
  5. Identifying Program weaknesses and risks and suggest solution
  6. Suggesting initiatives to enhance academic quality and development that may include new programs/courses, teaching methods/tools and learning outcomes
  7. Collecting data on faculty activities (according to the template designed by the Academic Quality Unit), Departmental KPIs and other related academic activities & committees in the department.
  8. Supervising the preparation of course manual and supplemental materials and leaflets.
  9. Overseeing and facilitating all aspects related to academic accreditation
  10. Reporting all challenges and proposed solutions related academic quality and development
  11. Preparing departmental annual reports and KPIs after being approved by the chairman of department.
  12. Reviewing all issues referred to it by the chairman or the departmental board, within the committee scope of function.


Three Faculty members or more

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Departmental Development & Academic Quality