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Departmental internship committee


Manage, supervise and oversee all aspects of the internship training and ensure that it is updated, consistent with best practice and meet the required standards.


  1. Supervising the clinical training of medical interns during the academic internship year.
  2. Collaborating and coordinating with the internship office.
  3. Approving and regularly revising the field experience objective and teaching methods during the rotation in accordance to updated knowledge and clinical skills in medical education
  4. Discussing with the intern coordinator:
  5. The conduction of the training.
  6. Intern’s attendance and performance.
  7.  Teaching staff punctuality and performance.
  8. Reviewing all challenges faced by interns teaching staff and suggest solutions.
  9.  Identifying potential additional training sites and making recommendations.
  10. Discussing the result of interns' satisfaction survey with academic quality unit and take the appropriate improvement actions.
  11. Monitoring, and reporting on the methods and Scores of assessment.
  12. Preparing and approval of field experience reports after release of students' results according to NCAAA template.
  13. Preparing and sending reports to concerned parties after being approved by the chairman of department.
  14. Reviewing all issues referred to it by the chairman or the departmental board, within the committee scope of function.




1. Internship coordinator

2. Two or more Faculty members and staff


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