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Departmental research committee


To manage, supervise and oversee all aspects of the research in the department.


  1. Encouraging, promoting and coordinating research activities.
  2. Proposing a research plan for the department board.
  3. Developing a list of potential research projects.
  4. Proposing actions for improvement of research in the department.
  5. Collecting data on staff researches according to the template designed by the Academic Quality Unit and send report to the departments development and academic quality committee  
  6. Reviewing proposed researches by staff members if needed submission to the department board.
  7. Coordinating research activities with other activities related to promoting academic.
  8. Supervising the department annual conference.
  9. Promoting the funding of research activities from inside & outside university.
  10. Cooperating with the university deanship of research to enhance the capability of research in the department.
  11. Proposing agreements with international school for enhancement of the research quality.
  12. Preparing and sending reports to concerned parties after being approved by the chairman of department.
  13. Reviewing all issues referred to it by the chairman or the departmental board, within the committee scope of function.


Three or more departmental active researcher

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