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Departmental Undergraduate committee

Undergraduate committee


To manage, supervise and oversee all aspects of the undergraduate course/s and be sure that it is updated and meet the required standards.


  1. Approving the course specifications, objectives and plan for improvement.
  2. Preparing strategic and annual planning (deliverables, process, deadlines) that will be employed each Academic Year; and the implementation plan for delivering the curriculum in liaison with Medical Education department and Exam Center at the College.
  3.  Ensuring that undergraduate education learning objectives are achievable and achieved across the distributed course/s.
  4. Defining, planning and implementing a comprehensive faculty development plan to support delivery of the curriculum in collaboration with the Medical Education Department.
  5. Discussing with the course organizer:
  • The conduction of the course/s.
  •  Students’ attendance and performance.
  •  Faculty and Teaching staff punctuality and performance.                
  1. Reviewing the regular feedback from students and teaching staff regarding conduction of the course and challenges. 
  2.  Providing students’ academic guidance needed, and study student’s complaints and challenges.
  3. Reviewing student’s misconducts and breeching of regulation and suggesting disciplinary actions according to KSU & MOE regulations.
  4.  Supervision of Exam Subcommittee that will supervise and monitor the conduction of exams and assessment methods, and report on scores and marks of assessment and examination.
  5. Reviewing requests of exam re-marking, & resetting exam.
  6. Ensuring adequacy and appropriateness of learning resources and training facilities
  7. Identifying potential additional clinical teaching sites and making recommendations for the development of these sites to meet the numbers needed.
  8. Advocating for appropriate academic sites and resources (including Clinical Academic Title holders) for each course by making recommendations to relevant committees.
  9. Annually revising the course materials and teaching methods and training sites in accordance to new knowledge and new methods in medical education.
  10.  Preparing and submitting course reports after releasing of students' results, as per the NCAAA template.
  11.  Preparing and sending reports to concerned parties after being approved by the chairman of department.
  12. Reviewing all issues referred to it by the chairman or the departmental board, within the committee scope of function.


1. Course organizer/s

2. Head of exam & assessment subcommittee

3. Two or more faculty members


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