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The Alumni Unit at the college of Medicine is pleased to announce the first open meeting with a notable panel of medical doctors from the first class of graduates of the College of Medicine at King Saud University:

Dr. Mohsin Mohammed al tamim

Professor and Consultant of General Surgery

Dr. Abdulkarim Mohammed al-Momen

Professor and Consultant of Hematology-Oncology

Dr. Abdullah Al-Omair

Professor and Consultant of Pediatrics

Dr. Mohammed al-Sohaibani

Professor of pathology Consultant Pathologist

Location: the Main Auditorium at first floor of the College of Medicine at King Khalid University Hospital

Time: 12-2pm on February 27th, 2018

For any Inquiry, kindly please contact the Alumni Unit via email <>

Dr. Mohsin  Mohammed al Tamim

Professor and Consultant of Surgery at the College of Medicine and King Khalid University Hospital in Riyadh

Dr. Mohsin al Tamim has been serving as a consultant of Surgery since 1403/1983. First among first class of medical graduates in Saudi Arabia to ever be granted the British fellowship in Surgery. In 1426, he was given King Abulaziz first grade medal for medical inventions. He was as well granted the golden medal for innovation in Geneva in 2006. In addition to these honorable medals, he was assigned a patent for the instrument and method of fistula manipulation. He is also distinguished in his method of using a single abdominal incision to extract the gallbladder. Moreover, he served in many superior governmental and administrative positions.  For instance, he had served in the Shourah council for three rounds between 3/3/1422 and 1434. During his Shourah council service, he worked as the chair of the health, family, and youth committee in1424/1425 as well as the head of the health and environmental committee in 1425/1426. He has served in numerous memberships in different educational, clinical, and administrative committees including the Saudi commission for health specialties, medical education, promotions, evaluation and assessment of chairs of medical departments, training and scholarships and more in community service as well as education and training development.  

Dr. Mohammed al-Sohaibani

Professor of Pathology Consultant Pathologist at the College of Medicine and King Khalid University Hospital in Riyadh.

Consultant of Histology since 1984. He served in various administrative roles at the College of Medicine in King Saud University. He was the chair of the Pathology-Hematology department between 1414-1424. He also served as the medical head of the laboratories between 1416-1426. In addition to that, he worked in different committees in the college pertaining to academic advising, graduate studies, examinations, and promotions. Dr. Mohammed al-Sohabani also served in several administrative positions in King Faisal University including different academic and administrative committees. Moreover, He has a rich volumes of research in pathology and has genuine care in community service via health campaigns and education.

 Dr. Abdullah Omair Al-Omair

Associate Professor and Consultant in General Pediatrics, College of Medicine and King Khalid University Hospital, King Saud University, Riyadh.

President of Saudi Pediatric Association from 19th -3-1430 H till to date. He has served in various Academic and administrative positions such as medical chair/head of medical doctors in years 1403, 1404, and 1411; part time councilor of medical affairs at the Ministry of Interior. Furthermore, he has fulfilled various roles in different educational administrative and clinical committees pertaining to promotions, research, graduate studies, the University hospital development, selection of the medical team, and patient complaints. 

Dr. Abdulkarim Mohammed Al-Momen

Professor and consultant of Medicine and hematology/Oncology at the College of Medicine and King Khalid University Hospital

Director of center of excellence in Thrombosis and Hemostasis, college of medicine, King Saud University since 2010. Member of the scientific committee of Saudi Board of Hematology for Adults at Saudi Commission of Health Specialties since 2010. Editor-in Chief of journal of Applied Hematology since 2010. He served in different academic and administrative positions such as head of hematology and oncology unit at King Khalid University hospital during the years 1994-2006. He has also served in any committees and contributed extensively to community service. This service has been maintained via the various committees and associations he has memberships of and also served at in order to facilitate health education. Furthermore, he has served in the scientific board of the Saudi board of medicine, adult hematology, and founding member of the stem cell transfusion association. 

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