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Student Council

Student Council


Effectively contributing to the realization of the college's vision as one of the internationally and regionally leading colleges and affirming the role of students as a key element to that end.


  • Protecting student rights.
  • Improving student conditions and services.
  • Contributing to improving student community and social-cognitive transformation.


  • Creating and fostering a prosperous student community that is based on equality, transparency and responsible teamwork.
  • Uniting the college students throughout their five years of study under the umbrella of student representatives and team leaders.
  • Meeting student needs and communicating their opinions on the educational system and environment to the college administration in addition to attending to their special needs and meeting their wishes.
  • Representing the college students in different college councils, university advisory council and other inside/outside bodies and organizations.
  • Establishing a reliable and effective way of communicating with students to keep them up-to-date with the latest announcements, surveys, etc.
  • Encouraging cooperation between students themselves and different clubs and organizations inside and outside the college.
  • Improving the academic and personal life of the college students.
  • Keeping and retaining detailed records of materials and reports that may be of importance to the college and members of the Executive Council in the upcoming years. 
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Student Council