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Assessment and Evaluation Center

Assessment and Evaluation Center


Phase I: Pre-Medical Year:

At the end of the preparatory (pre-medical) year students are examined with the aim to assess their readiness for all the health colleges. This examination is conducted by the preparatory year deanship.

Phase II: Year1 – 2:

  • During these two years the students are assessed throughout the block/course as formative assessment and then at the end of each block/course as summative assessment. These blocks are as follow: in year one - Foundation block, Musculoskeletal block, Respiratory block, cardiovascular block and Renal Block. In year 2 CNS Block, Gastrointestinal and Haematology Block, Reproductive Block and Endocrine Block.
  • A student who passes all blocks in Phase II, and obtains an annual grade point average (GPA) of at least 2.0, is allowed to progress to Phase III of the medical program.
  • A student, who does not appear in the final blocks/course examination without a valid excuse, will be given a grade of "0". However, if a student does not attend due to a valid reason, which is approved by the College Board, he/she is required to sit the remedial examination which should be held before the beginning of the next academic year.
  • There will be a re-sit (remedial) examination for the failed blocks/course, within a duration that does not exceed one month prior to the beginning of the academic year. The remedial (re-sit) examination carries a 60% pass score equivalent to grade D2. If a student could not attend the scheduled remedial examination, he/she will be given a grade of “0” and he/she has to repeat that block/course.
  • A student who fails only or does not appear for one block/course can sit remedial examination for that block. In case he/she fails even the remedial examination he/she can carry over the block to the 2nd year.
  • A student who fails two blocks has to sit for the remedial examination for both blocks.
  • A student who fails the final examination of three blocks in a year, then he/she can NOT sit for the remedial examination at all. He/She has to repeat the failed blocks.

Phase III: Year 3 and Phase IV: Years 4 and 5

  • The 3rd year in the program is a transitional year between an integrated human system taught in Phase II, and clerkship years (Years 4 and 5 in the program). In year three students learn essential clinical including Medicine and Surgery and non-clinical courses such as research methodology, ethics, forensic medicine, medical informatics and preventive medicine.
  • The fourth and fifth years are the final clinical clerkship years where major clinical subjects (Internal Medicine, General Surgery, Pediatrics and OB/Gynecology and the rotations like Ophthalmology, Dermatology, ENT Clinical Practice, Orthopedics, Primary Health Care and Psychiatric) take place.
  • A student, who does not attend the final course/block examination without a valid excuse he/she is given a grade of "0". However, if he/she does not attend due to a valid reason accepted by the College Board, then he/she is required to sit a remedial examination.
  • A student, who fails one or two blocks/courses in phase III & IV, shall sit a remedial examination. The remedial examination will carry a 60% pass score with a grade of D2.
  • A student, who fails two blocks/courses in the re-sit exam in any of years (4 or 5) of the program, shall repeat that year, for that block / course in order to progress to the next year.



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Assessment and Evaluation Center