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Department Committees

Department Committees

  • Teaching Assistants and Specialties Committee

Chairman: Prof. Abdulaziz Alohaideb

Members: Dr. Kahlid Alsaleh, Dr. Hisham Alsanawi, Dr. Abdulrahman Alqarni

  • Unit Heads Committee
    • Pediatric Orthopedics Unit Head: Dr. Abdulmunim Alsiddiky
    • Spine Surgery Unit Head: Dr. Khalid Alsaleh
    • Arthroscopy and Sports Injuries Unit Head: Dr. Abdulaziz Alomar
    • Upper Limb Surgery Unit Head: Dr. Hisham Alsanawi
    • Joint, Foot and Ankle Surgery Unit Head: Dr. Abdulrahman Alqarni
    • Trauma and Extremities/Limb Restoration Unit Head: Dr. Sultan Aldosari
  • Curricula and Courses Committee

Chairman: Dr. Waleed Alawwad

Members: Dr. Muneer Saad Aldeen, Dr. Kholoud Alzain, Dr. Sultan Aldosari, Dr. Orfan Arafah

  • Mortality and Morbidity Committee

Chairman: Dr. Hisham Alsanawi

Members: fixed designated representatives from each unit within the department, committee coordinator (a specialist team member selected by the committee chairman), head nurses in inpatient wards, clinics and operating rooms.

  • Qualitative Quality Committee

Chairman: Dr. Waleed Alawwad

Members: Dr. Marwan Zamzami, Dr. Muneer Saad Aldeen, Dr. Mohammed Layeq, Dr. Rohail Mumtaz

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