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Department Achievements

Department Achievements:

The most important achievements in 1438:

Educational aspects:

KSU Dermatology Board/ Saudi Board in Dermatology:

  • The restructuring of the postgraduate educational process has been carried out to meet Canadian academic accreditation requirements.
  • The restructuring of the educational process for postgraduate studies to meet the requirements for an independent training center. On 10 November 2016, a committee from the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties visited and evaluated the department and recommended granting an independent training center for the department (the first dermatology department in the Kingdom).

KSU Laser & Cutaneous Surgery Fellowship (the first fellowship of its kind in the Arab world):

  • Graduation of the first group of program.
  • Doctors and specialists from outside King Saud University were recruited to participate in the KSU Laser & Cutaneous Surgery Fellowship program to enrich the educational process.
  • Cosmetic Injection Clinic is now available every Thursday afternoon.

 SKD 394 course:

The content of the course's lectures has been modified based on the student's feedback, which does not contradict the objectives of the course.

Research aspects:

Establishment of Research Committee: To facilitate the medical students' and the interns’ communication with the members of the department to carry out research.

Medical Magazines and Periodicals: Coordinated with private sector supporters to provide links to periodicals and basic journals.

Research Groups: The idea of ​​establishing research groups in the department is to raise the efficiency of scientific research was discussed

  • A total of 9 research papers were approved.
  • A number of members of the department participated in presenting scientific papers in many international conferences.

Community aspects:

  • The World Psoriasis Day was held on November 24, 2016, in the main lobby of King Khalid University Hospital to raise public and patient awareness of symptoms, complications and developments of psoriasis.
  • The department has made new health educational brochures for a number of common diseases.
  • Launched the updated website of the department.

Practical aspects:

  • Updating several laser devices in the department including Pigmentation, Skin Resurface and Eczema laser for Vitiligo.
  • Establishing Dermatological Surgery and Laser Unit and attracting physicians and expertise from outside KSU to participate in the KSU Laser & Cutaneous Surgery Fellowship program.
  • Sending the first physician to complete training for the position of Clinical Researcher.
  • Sending 2 scholars to study abroad.
  • Coordinating with private sector supporters to provide links to periodicals and magazines.
  • Establishing an integrated database for patients with skin biopsy samples.
  •  Cosmetic injection clinic is now available on Thursday afternoon.
  • Development of the Dermatology Unit at King Abdulaziz University Hospital.
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Department Achievements