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Chairman Message

Chairman Message:  

Anatomy of all branches is one of the most important basic medical sciences for students of the Faculty of Medicine and similar colleges. Therefore, since its inception, the Department has had to carry out the teaching tasks of anatomy courses for students of the Faculty of Medicine, as well as Dentistry, Pharmacy, Applied Medical Sciences, and Nursing colleges. The department coordinated the master's and doctoral programs in anatomy as part of its mission to prepare new generations of anatomy faculty members. The Department also participates in teaching postgraduate courses for clinical departments such as: Obstetrics and Gynecology training program, Saudi Certificate of Specialization in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, and Master degree in Dentistry. The anatomy department is equipped with all modern equipment for full performance of the educational and research processes. The Department of Anatomy has a recently updated the Anatomy and Embryology Museum, which is fully equipped with the best resources and equipment, in addition of having four halls for the anatomy of the human body. The Department uses cadaveric dissection as the cornerstone of its teaching, as the faculty believes that dissection still provides the most powerful technique for demonstrating anatomy as well as enhancing communication and teamwork skills compared to plastic models. In the field of research, two units were established, Stem Cell Unit and Neurological Diseases Unit, and they are considered a breakthrough in the field of specialized scientific research which supports the link between the Basic Medical Sciences and Clinical Applications. Finally, I would like to point out that the Anatomy Department is bestowed with highly qualified and experienced faculty members that have been carefully chosen from different countries and nationalities to enhance the educational process in the department.

We ask Allah to guide us in our endeavors towards achieving this noble mission to the full in the way that pleases Allah.


Dr. Mousaed bin Abdulaziz Al Fayez

Chairman of Anatomy Department

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Chairman Message