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Chairman message

Chairman message:

We are committed to excellence in both education and research fields. We also aim to develop the thinking of undergraduate and postgraduate students by providing excellent teaching and research facilities. Faculty members are actively involved in educational programs for the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Applied Medical Sciences and Nursing.

The department provides an integrated program for medical students and postgraduate students to prepare them to complete the master's and PHD degrees.

Physiology department members provides research in various fields of physiology such as blood physiology, circulatory system physiology, respiratory system physiology, digestive system physiology, nervous system physiology, endocrine physiology for all biological regulation: cellular, molecular and organic. They also have participation in clinical research of different sections.One of the department's best endeavors is to provide students with a bright future. We as a team are determined to reach the highest level of success and prepare for the challenges ahead.

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