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Department Service

Department Service 

The Pathology Department at KSUMC provides multiple services including academic, clinical, consultancy and technical services.

1. Academic Services:

These services include teaching courses of pathology, hematology, immunology, microbiology, genetics and clinical biochemistry for medical undergraduate students, within the developed curriculum of the College and teaching pathology, microbiology and immunology for the second-year dental students.

The Department of Pathology supervises teaching and training the King Saud University Fellowship program of Pathology that includes; Histopathology, Hematology, Clinical Biochemistry, and Microbiology). This service is provided to the accepted medical graduates from KSU Medical College or from other hospitals, such as the hospitals of Ministry of Health, King Faisal Specialist Hospital, the Military Hospital in Riyadh, National Guard hospital and King Fahd Security Forces Hospital. Candidates who passes the five years program successfully will get the KSU Fellowship degree in Pathology. The graduates will be highly qualified with the right competencies to provide the highest levels of lab services in this field.

2. Training services:

The Department of Pathology has a number of qualified technicians, specialists, and experts in this field who give training to the students of the Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences, Faculty of Science, and the medical graduates who take rotations in the department as a part of their mandatory or optional courses after graduation.

3. Research activities:

The faculty members and consultants conduct a number of basic and clinical researches that contribute to the enrichment of medical knowledge and help in improving the services provided to the patients, and share their expertise with other colleagues in this field through workshops, seminars and conferences inside and outside the Kingdom.

4. Diagnostic services:

Clinical laboratory units contain a number of well-equipped laboratories with the latest medical equipment. They receive thousands of samples per year from the university hospitals, and provide some reference and advisory services to some of the samples received from outside the university hospitals.

5. Community services:

Pathology Department Staff participate in giving educational and academic lectures in the Community College. These lectures are given to high secondary school graduates who seek Diploma in microbiology and hematology.

Staff members also participate in blood donation campaigns, generate awareness, motivate citizens to donate blood voluntarily by explaining the benefits of blood donation, and distribute awareness/information leaflets among people and health centers about Communicable and infectious diseases and how to control them.

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