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Neuro-Ophthalmology unit

Neuro-Ophthalmology unit:

The Neuro-Ophthalmology Division is a subspecialty of both Neurology and Ophthalmology concerned with visual problems that are related to the nervous system.  Some commonly seen diseases may include optic neuritis, optic neuropathy, optic disc edema, ocular myasthenia gravis, brain tumors or stroke affecting vision, idiopathic intracranial hypertension or pseudotumor cerebri, unexplained visual loss, headaches and double vision.

Our neuro-ophthalmologists typically attend to diseases of the afferent visual system (most often involving the optic nerve), the efferent visual system (that controls eye movements), or the pupillary reflexes.


Physician Staffing:

2 ophthalmic consultant 

1 affiliated Neurlogy consultant.

 Rotating residents

 Clinical Services/Functions:

  • Diagnosis and management consultation for patients with optic neuropathies, eye movement abnormalities, orbital diseases, and other neurological disorders affecting the visual system.
  • Diagnostic ophthalmic imaging like Optic nerve photos, OCT, Retinal nerve fiber layer and FFA.
  • Neuro-imaging studies including MRI (magnetic resonance imaging), MRA (magnetic resonance angiography), and MRV (magnetic resonance venography) and CT (computed tomography) scanning of the brain and orbit.
  • Electrophysiology test.

Head of Unit 

Dr. Majid Al Obailan


Neuro-ophthalmology unit

Dr. Majed Al-Obailan

(unit head)

Dr. Dania Al Shuwaier

Assistant professor and consultant

Department of Ophthalmology

College of Medicine University Medical City

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