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Retina & Vitreous Unit

Retina & Vitreous Unit:

The Retina unit at King Saud University provides the best medical and surgical care to patients with all retinal and uveitic diseases. The Unit is supported by the availability of top-of-the-line multimodal imaging modalities and the latest surgical machines which further aid in the management of our patients. In addition, the unit is in charge of the King Saud University Diabetic retinopathy screening program which utilizes telemedicine technology. In addition, the unit has the largest retinopathy of prematurity practice including both screening and treatment. The unit is, also, actively involved in educating the community about retinal diseases.

In addition, the unit, headed by Prof. Abu El-Asrar, is comprised of a number of consultantsand Retina specialists, with local and western experience and qualifications, who are actively teaching and providing continuous education to Medical students, Interns, Ophthalmology residents, and fellows.

The unit currently offers a subspecialty fellowship in medical retina/uveitis, and a fellowship in surgical vitreoretinal diseases.

Basic science and clinical research are cornerstones of the unit’s practice which all members of the unit are actively involved in. Residents and fellows are also required to undertake at least one research project in the period of their training.

Head of Unit 

Prof. Ahmed Abou El Asrar

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Retina & Vitreous Unit